Selected References - Germany

2013-2014 New Construction Of Kindergarten In Freiberg

Victor’s Residenz-Hotel:
New Construction of the Hotel and Senior Residence “Victor's” in Berlin Friedrichshain


Construction Period:          2000-2002

E-Building Sum:           2,250,000 DM

Reconstruction of the “Gropius Passage” and New Construction of “Galeria Kaufhof”

Construction Period:         2001 - 2002
E-Building Sum:            2,525,000 DM

City of Chemnitz
Renovation of the "Tax Office" in Chemnitz Mitte

Sum Building Services:         160,000 Euro

2003-2006 Renovation of the Elementary School “Theodor Körner” in Freiberg

Production Building in Landshut 

"Alte Mensa" of the Technical University in Freiberg